Joaquín Requena, our Director of Real Estate Investment, brings invaluable experience that elevates the excellence of our services at HTEC Investments. With over thirty years in real estate, Joaquin has forged a distinctive track record that goes beyond the numbers on his CV, making a real impact in the sector.

As Executive Director at Consultores Inmobiliarios Costa del Sol S.L. (2015-2021), Joaquín led the search and development of projects in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. His strategic vision ranged from the identification of urban land to the comprehensive management of investments in various sectors. This unique experience translates directly into our ability to deliver innovative and profitable projects.

During his time at Gestora de Promociones JOPESA S.L. (2001-2015), Joaquín excelled in the search for residential, tertiary and logistics land, providing comprehensive advice on the marketing of real estate assets. This background translates into a deep understanding of the different market segments, strengthening our ability to adapt to changing demands.

Founding Promotion and Investments J.Requena S.L. (1996-2001), Joaquín not onlydemonstrated his ability to manage the sale and purchase and exploitation of real estate Assets, but also his vision to study the viability of real estate developments. This strategic perspective is reflected in our proactive approach to new developments and opportunities.
His ability to maximise the profitability of real estate assets in different contexts and marketsprovides us with a strategic leader that seeks not only short-term success, but long-term sustainable growth.

With Joaquín Requena at the head of our real estate investment team at HTEC Investments,we not only get an experienced leader but a strategic visionary who will transform real estate projects into lucrative opportunities, taking the quality of our services to new horizons.