Jack André Russo, our esteemed Project Coordinator, boasts a wealth of experience in steering successful ventures within the realms of international trade and business development. His tenure as the Managing Director of Network Communication was marked by his instrumental role in overseeing the high-volume exports and imports of mobile phones, showcasing his adeptness in managing intricate logistics and international trade.

Furthermore, Jack contributed significantly as the Sales and Commercial Director at the multinational Janosa Group in Portugal. His instrumental role in managing large-scale exports and imports of microgranulated cork exemplifies his proficiency in navigating complex global markets.

Fluent in German, Spanish, English, Italian and some French. Jack adeptly bridges linguistic and cultural gaps, fostering seamless communication and fostering lucrative collaborations across borders. His diverse expertise and proven track record in driving impactful projects make him an invaluable asset to our team at Perfect. HTEC Energy Investments.